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Do support these campaigns for equality below by signing and passing the information on.  If you know of any other projects, do let us know.  


Amend the UK Equality Act to include hair

The exclusion of black and mixed children from British schools is reaching epidemic proportions. Students have been excluded for fades, locks, braids, natural afros and more - effectively every style and necessary protective method for the maintenance and upkeep of afro hair has been banned. Sign the petition to amend the equality act to explicitly protect afro hair! 

Ban racists for life from all football matches in England.

We are calling for the Football Association and the government to work together now to ban all those who have carried out racist abuse, online or offline, from all football matches in England for life. 

Our England team stood up for all of us - now we must stand up for them.



The Halo Code has been established to help end hair discrimination in schools and workplaces with a simple dress code that gives freedom to Black hairstyles. Sign up and get your organisations, schools, parents, and teachers to sign up too.

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